ficlet: This Song Isn’t Anti-American (It’s Anti-War)
Protester!Cosima and Cop!Delphine Cophine AU D:

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ficlet: Baggage
hey! if you’re taking prompts cophine accidentally taking each other’s bags au

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ficlet: Indie Rock Band
Cophine: indie rock band

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ficlet: Teacher
cosima & soccercop / teacher

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fic: March 27th


High School Clone Club AU

Sarah is summoned to the Head Office to discuss her sister’s increasingly anti-social behaviour. Shame for the school board that a seestra bond is unbreakable. 

(bonus soccer cop as a lil treat for you guys)

loosely based on (x)


AU: The clones attend high school together. They’re not all friends, but they make it work. Well, the one day when Helena tried to “help” with Alison’s art project was a little rough, but they’ve agreed never to talk about that again.

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STAR WARS 80’s High School - Key Sequences by Denis Medri / Blog

I love this so much!!!!

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Because Disco Avengers were clearly a thing the world needed.

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AU MEMEgame of thrones as a drama film set in the 1900s

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AU!Japril - high school reunion

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Les Mis AU: Jane Bond [ Cosette x Éponine ]

France’s best agent, 007, Cosette Fauchelevent, is assigned her newest task: investigate Les Amis, a group of ragtag but dangerous college students and their connection with France’s most wanted gang, the Patron-Minette.

At first, it’s strictly business, blend in, get acquainted — until she meets the beautiful Éponine Thénardier — the sly, sultry, seductive daughter of the Patron-Minette’s leader — and soon, business can’t help but intertwine with pleasure. She finds herself growing closer to the girl, spending long nights in bed with her, and as her relationship with Éponine grows, so does her trust within the gang.

As she unravels secrets that may bring the Patron-Minette and its accomplices to its knees, she neglects to uncover the biggest secret of all: that her biggest enemy may be far more dangerous than a silly gang of men; and, one fate full morning, she finds herself waking up to the barrel of a gun looking her in the eye.

And the girl fingering the trigger sensually is the enemy Cosette’s been sleeping with all along.

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ficlet: Isn’t This (Exactly Where You’d Like Me)

AU. in which Sarah and Felix thought it would be fun to take Cosima to a strip club for her birthday, where Delphine is a stripper and Leekie is her creepy boss (Alison also tags along, unknowingly where they go to)

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au meme » ANN PERKINS & APRIL LUDGATE as kind-of-incompetent spies made to team up on a secret mission (because they’ve been blacklisted by just about everyone else) despite their mutual dislike of each other. April is considered new to the job, but trigger happy & reckless, while Ann has gotten bored of it all, smokes too much & really just wants to make it home in time for Downton Abbey reruns. (for robbasstark).

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