ficlet: Strangers
I REMEMBERED it properly! Cophine: Strangers First Kiss Video where the girls are pulled in off the street to do a Kiss a Stranger video like those viral vids going around and yeees

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ficlet: You’re The Puppy
Hi! Could you maybe write a Cophine AU where someone gave Delphine a puppy as a birthday present, and when she goes to puppy obedience training, she meets that cutie pie Cosima who works there as a side-job while she pursues her PhD, please?

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Sorta sequel to [this]

I’m digging this deep and now I CAN’T STOP//////////////

ficlet: This Song Isn’t Anti-American (It’s Anti-War)
Protester!Cosima and Cop!Delphine Cophine AU D:

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ficlet: Baggage
hey! if you’re taking prompts cophine accidentally taking each other’s bags au

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ficlet: Indie Rock Band
Cophine: indie rock band

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ficlet: Teacher
cosima & soccercop / teacher

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fic: March 27th


High School Clone Club AU

Sarah is summoned to the Head Office to discuss her sister’s increasingly anti-social behaviour. Shame for the school board that a seestra bond is unbreakable. 

(bonus soccer cop as a lil treat for you guys)

loosely based on (x)


AU: The clones attend high school together. They’re not all friends, but they make it work. Well, the one day when Helena tried to “help” with Alison’s art project was a little rough, but they’ve agreed never to talk about that again.

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STAR WARS 80’s High School - Key Sequences by Denis Medri / Blog

I love this so much!!!!

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Because Disco Avengers were clearly a thing the world needed.

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AU MEMEgame of thrones as a drama film set in the 1900s

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AU!Japril - high school reunion

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