Literally walked past Jesse Eisenberg (who was wearing a ridiculous headscarf, like some kind of Russian grandmother) and made eye contact today, and no one seems to find this as funny as I do. 

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@annakendrick47 Got double nominated today. I guess I’ll have to double donate :) Challenge accepted @brittsnowhuh and @catherinegiudici. I nominate #AubreyPlaza #JohnKrasinski and @catdeeley #IceBucketChallenge #YouKnowTheDrill

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Evelyne Brochu - Evelyne’s World 

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Anonymous: AAAHHHHH! IM INTERNALLY SCREAMING. I LIKE YOUR SHORT FIC ITS SO FREAKING ADORABLE I WANT TO RIP MY HAIR OUT. I LOVE ALL YOUR FICS. I'VE READ ALL OF THEM. SOME MORE THAN ONCE. Sorry about that...i get excited and things happen...i hope you're doing well. I know life happens and stuff goes on.'re awesome.

By all means, excite away. :) I mean, hair ripping sounds. Painful. But apart from that, get down with your bad self. You’re awesome, too. 

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Anonymous: I was so pleasantly surprised to see you'd written something again. And not just because of obvious reasons. I'm thrilled that you felt the desire to write again. I hope that means nothing but good things for your mental state and whatnot. I hope things continue to improve (if they have, I'm just assuming things here and *disclaimer: I'm a wee bit drunk* so yeah). You're rad. Stay golden.

Thanks, dude, I appreciate your kind words. My mental state is pretty okay lately, actually. My life’s a bit wild, and so I’m not so much for the Tumblrsphere, but my brain’s motoring right along. Kinda hoping to do a bit more writing in the near future. Just for giggles. :)

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lindsay-bionic: Cophine, Marvel, awesome music, lovely ladies, and a host of other awesome nerdy things. I have two questions for you...HOW WAS I NOT FOLLOWING YOU BEFORE? And can we be friends? lol

Not sure, my friend, but welcome! I gotta confess, I’m not super useful or fun lately, but hopefully I’ll become a more amusing blog again in the near future. :)

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I will never leave you.

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Into the Woods Official Trailer 

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ficlet: Jumbled Limbs
Know you’re busy but could you do a small drabble? Maybe? Really want cophine napping. Totally fine if not. Just yeah. You’re awesome. Bye.

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I  had a period of unemployment for about nine months after my first big break, and it’s the greatest lesson I ever could have learned, never to believe you’re home and dry.

I  had a period of unemployment for about nine months after my first big break, and it’s the greatest lesson I ever could have learned, never to believe you’re home and dry.

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Drew some characters from Orange Is the New Black!

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Happy 32nd Birthday Sebastian Stan (13-08-1982)

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based off of Pretty Little Rich Girl by novelconcepts

Artist’s note: Sorry, anon, I can’t quite get myself to publish your former request, I chickened out. I’m not ready to publish anything too risqué. Haha. Haha. But hey! I love novelconcepts and Cosima in a jumpsuit so here! Just pretend Delphine’s sitting on a car.