Delphine Cormier: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

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Anonymous: Arrow!anon here. Shit got seriously real tonight. I don't even want you to catch up for shipping/fic purposes anymore. It's just that fucking good.

Auuuuugh, I probably won’t get around to it until Orphan Black is done and/or my writer’s block kicks my teeth down my throat, at this rate. But it is def on my list. High on my list. And also on my DVD shelf. 

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seemssosilly: Just a reminder that your writing is absolutely wonderful and I hyperventilate every time I see you've written a fic. Have a good rest of the night :)

Oh wow, don’t put yourself into a coma for fic, please. But seriously, this is high praise, and I am grinning. Thank you, and enjoy your night as well! 

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ficlet: Little Spoon
Cophine: “Come be my little spoon”

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*folds in half, shoves face against knees, falls asleep*

This is what writing looks like, right?

Emma Stone - A Way In

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Watch Our Most Beautiful Celebs Read Nice Internet Comments. (x)

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ficlet: The Price
Cosima when she finds out that Delphine gave Leekie the blood sample! Please! That would be wonderful! :)

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nenesaurus: The thing about Angie being a strong sassy lady that we should like.. we could, we absolutely could.. except we're supposed to like Art this season and so they need someone else to be obnoxious and irritating (ala Art in the beginning of season 1). I'm not sure anyone hates Angie with the fire of a thousand suns, she is just annoying, currently, specifically so we can see how not annoying Art is being, currently. I think. *nods head

This makes pretty solid sense to me. Which is sort of sad for Angie…except, since she annoys me so often, I don’t feel all THAT bad for her. :p

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Anonymous: karatam finally wrote fic for Orphan Black and I'm so excited! have you read it?

Nope, I’ve been at work all day. But I will def check it out when I get home. :) I’m sure it’s excellent.

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Anonymous: I started late on the whole Orphan Black excitement and I know that season 2 already started but could you explain to me your thoughts on that Delphine and Leekie scene on season 1 when they were in that hotel room? That part was weird in a gross kind of way. Delphine doesn't look like the type that would have sex with anyone to put herself in a better situation but that whole scene was like "What the hell?". I could not wrap my head around that part.

I think Delphine is two parts ambition, one part yes, I am puppy, love me. I think ambition is a powerful, powerful motivator. That said, ever since that moment (and the one in the car, where he told her to do whatever was necessary), we haven’t really seen a recurrence of the sexual aspect of their relationship, whatever it may have been. I believe Delphine threw herself into Cosima, and therefore cut whatever situation she had with Leekie off. She speaks to him curtly now, and with perceptible disgust. “Congratulations, I’m invested.” If they were sleeping together (for her ambition, or for any other reason), I don’t think they are anymore. Which doesn’t really minimize the woah, gross factor of them in that hotel room, but it does sort of improve things now. In my mind. 

(I also sort of have this sense that the hotel room scene, from a writing perspective, had a lot to do with shock value. I don’t know that it was ever meant to be a definitive character moment as much as that surprise! thing. But that’s just my read on it.)

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Anonymous: Can we all clap on the fact that Delphine kissed Cosima in front of all those people at that DYAD event -2x01- without even hesitating? Like *claps* for the people that really didn't care much for Delphine before, you have to at least feel something for her now.

I knooooow. I love that little quote from Evelyne, about her making a statement. I love that Delphine doesn’t care about the opinions of her peers. (It is possible, of course, that Delphine’s primary goal is Cosima’s trust, and therefore she will do anything at all to win and sustain that trust, but shhhhh, we’re going with the human side here.) I love Delphine. The end.

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Anonymous: Did that Kira part kind of upset you? When I saw how hard that old guy was brushing her hair I was like 'Aye bitch don't you fuckin' touch her!' And on the side, my lil sis was just laughing. Yes I get serious with my characters. No shame at all. But of all the things to happen, the prolethians had to get Kira??? Helena is not going to stand for that.

Dude, Kira’s being ransomed or some shit by a creeper with big hands and terrible taste in barrettes. Of course I’m upset! (But, more seriously, I have a  singular averse response to unknown kidnapper guy + young child, always. I do believe Kira will be fine, in the long run, because she is Kira—but that doesn’t diminish my visceral response to her situation. Much like when she was struck by the car.)

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