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➝ Iris + caring about/defending/losing her shit over Barry.

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We thought you’d be a good party attender, so that’s your job, k?
by a text from my friend, after outlining the specific parties our friends are responsible for each year


i didn’t know what to do for the carmillapocalypse so have some gifs of elise bauman being super duper cute

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chiltongirlsdoitbetter: Did someone say Danny/Laura fic rec? I'd suggest either sorting Ao3's Carmilla's (Web Series) fics by the Danny/Laura tag, or I offer my personal favorites/recommendations here: chiltongirlsdoitbetter[.]tumblr[.]com/post/99793603035/carmilla-fic-recs


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willow-jessica-cosima: Search Carmilla (web series) on AO3

Or you could do this. :)

I don’t know why I’m actually answering these instead of just posting, I’m not adding anything insightful. :P

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saraimanning: For the anon asking about Danny/Laura fics: I've searched Carmilla on AO3 and the only fics I've seen are what I think is for the novel. If we want to read Carmilla fics, someone's going to have to write them first.

There you go. Sad, but very probably true. 

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There is also a death for the immortal jellyfish. He is very bored.

Artwork by Chris Gugliotti [webcomic | tumblr]

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krumnut: Hey there, Quick question, since you seem to ship Danny/Laura more than Carmilla/Laura, I wondering if you had any fic recs for them?

I do ship Danny/Laura pretty hard (Carmilla/Laura is one of those “yay, they’re both ladies, but that’s all I’m getting out of this” ships for me. Not sure why), but I haven’t read any fic for the series at all. Sorry, friend. 

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riverspeak: I really liked your new fic - it is so lovely! :)

Thank you!

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jesterjessie: *swoons all over that cophine fic* Fuck, I love your writing.

Haha, thanks, friend. :)

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Forgive yourself for being curious. Forgive yourself for backsliding. Forgive yourself not being “where you should be” emotionally. Forgive yourself for not living up to impossible standards you set for yourself.

Just forgive, dammit.

ficlet: Midnight Coffee

The world is all music, all hum, all dashing, skittering light, and Delphine wants to go home.

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