ficlet: Leading the Blind

"In retrospect," Felix says, very calmly, "perhaps giving my sister fake glasses would have been a bit wiser?”

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(Psst, totally gonna answer those questions—well, comments—in my inbox, but I’m waiting until my girlfriend has seen the ep. Since she doesn’t have Tumblr Savior, it seems only fair.)

Spoiler-thoughts below the cut, cuz I know not everyone has watched yet.

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Sarah, Beth, Sarah-as-Beth, Katja, Sarah-as-Katja, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Helena-as-Sarah-as-Beth, Alison-as-Sarah, Sarah-as-Alison, Rachel, Helena-as-Sarah. Thirteen variations. Thirteen all-in, no-holds-barred, utterly human alterations, within a ten-episode arc. Thirteen perfectly believable versions of one face doing thirteen totally distinct things. 

From the bottom of the Clone Club heart, I gotta say: Tatiana Maslany, you are an incredible marvel. 

The Clones and Layered Clones of Season One

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helena---x: How do I get to the next page on your blog? I'm on my IPad and I don't see anything like page numbers or arrows or anything. Thanks!

Hi! Normally, there’s a little + and - to navigate back and forth, but your iPad might be quirky. I know my phone just has endless scrolling enabled, rather than pages. Maybe it’s something like that?

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My excitement for tonight is so obscenely high that I think my body just shut down.

fic: License and Registration

ficlet: You’re The Puppy
Hi! Could you maybe write a Cophine AU where someone gave Delphine a puppy as a birthday present, and when she goes to puppy obedience training, she meets that cutie pie Cosima who works there as a side-job while she pursues her PhD, please?

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Sorta sequel to [this]

I’m digging this deep and now I CAN’T STOP//////////////

whoiselizabethchilds: Sarah as Beth is always the hottest... especially on the shooting range. That is the best outfit in the whole series in my opinion. Anyway, I've followed you since we were both Glee blogs... sadness. Glad to see you're on the OB train.

Sarah as Beth is amazing. I’m a little sad that we might get less (or none) of that next season. 

And hello! Kudos for having escaped the trainwreck as well. This is a far nicer boat to be on. :)

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Okay, folks. I’ve got two AUs in my head (one Cophine, one Soccer Cop; one prompted, one not), and I really meant to write one of them tonight, but I’m dead on my feet. We’ll try again tomorrow evening, yeah? Whoo!

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